Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Regulatory Information in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Registry Act (471/87) and the EU Privacy Directive 95/46 / EC

1. Registrar:
Asuntola ilmoitusmediat (Y-0686731-8) Veturitallinkuja 34 G 00520 Helsinki

2. Connection with the Register:

Asuntola ilmoitusmediat
Veturitallinkuja 34 G
00520 Helsinki

3. Name of the Registry:

Asuntola ilmoitusmediat user register

4. Purpose of processing personal data: is a marketplace online service. General conditions under section 8 of the Personal Data Act:
managing and maintaining customer relationship; billing, customer letters and bulletins; direct marketing by electronic means, as well as text messages, if the user has consented to it. Asuntola ilmoitusmediat and companies in the same group at the same time have the right to use and disclose the information contained in the register for legitimate uses (such as direct marketing, distance selling and market research) in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The subscriber may deny the use of his data for marketing purposes and market research by notifying the controller.

5. Data content of the register:

The registry may contain the following information:
Basic user information such as name, address, language, age, email, phone number; business user basic information such as company name, address, business ID, contact person name, email address, phone number; billing and recovery information; customer relationship and contractual information, such as products and services, their opening and termination date, service vendor information, and communications related implementation; information about the areas of interest that the person itself has disclosed; usernames and other authentication information; authorization details and prohibitions, such as direct marketing permits and bans; interests and other information provided by the data subject himself; event and user analysis data;

6. Regular sources of information:

The registrant gives all the information contained in the register to the service when registering and using the service.
7. Regular deliveries of information:
Personal data may be disclosed to the self-registered and self-selected leased and Target Search Providers. The subscriber may prohibit the use of his or her data for marketing purposes and market surveys by informing the controller.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA:

Information is not ordinarily disclosed or transferred outside the EU or EEA.

9. Principles of registry protection

The registry is protected from external use. The system can only login with usernames and passwords. Access rights are only to employees involved in processing personal data. Employees are bound by the confidentiality of their records. The register does not collect manually processed material.

10. Checking the registration information

The registrar has the right to inspect the register information about himself. The request for verification must be made in writing by means of a self-signed letter or in person at the Registry. The controller shall give the data subject, without undue delay, access to the records and, if requested, the information in writing. The right of inspection is free of charge once a year. Requests for verification must be submitted to the registry administrator referred to in section 2.

11 Right to Prohibit and Correcting Wrong Information 

 You have the right at any time to stop using and thus prohibit direct marketing relating to In this case, the controller will remove all personal data concerning the registrar from the register. The notice of cessation may be made by informing the person responsible for the register referred to in paragraph 2 either by e-mail or by post.
The registrar has the right to request correction of incorrect information in the register. The request for correction must be made in writing and the request must specify the information to be corrected. The request for correction must be made to the registry administrator mentioned in section 2.

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